Edit: I posted this to the wrong blog but I’m on my phone so I can’t cut and paste so I hope you all don’t mind….

Hey all! I hope you are all enjoying your easter (for those that celebrate it). I’ve spent the day eating brunch and drinking minosas. It’s been fabulous.
After a few weeks of slacked workouts and eating and last week of no workouts at all though… I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. My body misses it for sure. We’ve finally got our house mostly set up including the workout room. So I’m ready to get going this week. We still have some moving related things to do this week like finishing cleaning the old house and making appointments for cleaners so I’m not going to get all the workouts in I want but I’m going to get some in. I hope next week I’ll be back 100 percent to normalcy. Kayak season is here which means a) I’m going to be in a bikini all day and b) my shoulders are going to get slammed. I need to get ready.

Mon: shoulders
Tues: legs (hamstrings+glutes)
Wed: arms
Thurs: hiit+back+abs
Fri: chest